AML Academy – a new way to manage AML training

AML Academy – a new way to manage AML training

The AML Academy is a brand new service offered by Xama. The project, which was announced in January 2024, has the aim to change the way AML training is delivered to professional services firms.

It is the MLRO’s responsibility to deliver appropriate AML training for each of the staff members within their firm. Often this is done through a one off annual training session or through the provision of online training material.

There is a significant challenge for MLROs to:

  • Deliver fresh and engaging content regularly.
  • Deliver training at appropriate levels depending on the role of each staff member.
  • Keep training records up to date.

The AML Academy is committed to solving this challenge for MLROs by providing a fully managed AML training program.

Whilst the academy will be offered separately to the Xama AML software platform to start with, it will be fully integrated into your Xama account over time.

The Xama AML Academy is open for application to all Premium or Premium+ subscribers and an allocation of free training is included with your subscription.

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