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AML policy and procedures framework

By Xama Tech / December 19, 2022

We provide a policy and procedures framework which you can download and should adapt for your firm. The document has been designed to work alongside the Xama Hub AML platform and is informed by various guidelines, as stated in the appendix, and experience of working with other firms. The document aims to help you to:…

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Announcement: New Pixie to Xama integration

By Xama Tech / July 26, 2022

Today we are formally announcing the development of a brand new integration between Pixie and Xama Hub. This integration will ensure that Pixie users continue to have access to the best that the Xama platform has to offer. Why do we need the change? We developed the current integration between Pixie and our platform before…

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AML checks on non-UK residents

By Xama Tech / July 25, 2022

When running an AML check, 3 separate checks are completed: Identity verification Screening for potential PEP matches Screening for potential Sanctions matches Identity verification checks make use of data sources such as the electoral roll, UK identity register and the UK credit header. These sources are UK based and therefore if the address used is…

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11 steps to get AML ready

By Xama Tech / June 30, 2022

It can sometimes be a daunting process to get your AML records and processes up to date. Whether that is for an upcoming inspection or a routine review of how you manage AML compliance within your business. This practical, 11 step guide, will help you to take a systematic approach towards: Getting all your existing…

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Passport numbers & AML checks

By Xama Tech / May 30, 2022

When running an AML check, a passport number can improve the PASS rate that is achieved. The required number is commonly referred to as an MRZ (machine readable zone) number and is the 44 character line shown at the bottom of a passport, including any chevrons. We do not restrict this field, so you can…

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Karbon integration user guide

By Xama Tech / March 27, 2022

Requesting identity documents and running AML checks on your Karbon clients is simple with our HUB integration to Karbon. The integration is quick, easy and free to set up. Here is an easy to follow instruction video to complete your own setup. Alternatively book a call with us and we’ll be happy to help you…

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Email connection errors

By Xama Tech / October 13, 2021

Below are a list of errors you may receive when trying to establish a connection between your email account and the Xama Platform. Each error lists common causes for the error, and how to rectify the problem. Error: Connection failed. Insufficient access provided. Common reasons for this: When authorising your Gmail account, a box was…

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AML checks – REFER result explained

By Xama Tech / June 16, 2021

How does an AML check work? The input details for an AML check are matched against various UK databases and return a PASS when a match of that person’s details can be found to those databases. Anything like a recent move, someone submitting their work rather than home address, or a nickname used instead of…

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Use of email connections

By Xama Tech / June 8, 2021

Why do we ask you to connect your email account? In order to use the Xama Platform you are required to connect an email account. This email account connection is only used to send emails. There are 2 types of emails that will be triggered by the Xama Platform, both sent from the email account…

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