Pixie Integration

What is Client Engager?

Launched in 2023, Client Engager is already one of the leading practice management solutions used by small accounting firms in the UK.  It provides everything accountants need to manage clients, deadlines, workflow, email and their team in one easy-to-use app.

Client Engager has done an amazing job of creating a deep integration to the Xama platform which helps their users streamline the client onboarding process.

Client Engager's great functionality combined with a vibrant community and competitive price fits perfectly with what Xama offers accountants.

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Client Engager's integration with Xama

Client Engager has developed one of the most comprehensive integrations to the Xama platform. It allows users to streamline the client onboarding process, but also to stay on top of ongoing compliance requirements.

Client Engager users can:

  • Create or link clients from Client Engager to Xama.
  • Track the status of onboarding requests and AML checks.
  • Create and view the status of client risk assessments.

Contact data is kept up to date in both systems in real time, reducing any duplicate data entry.

Getting Started with Client Engager and Xama

It is simple, quick and free to get started:

To get Xama Onboarding implemented with Client Engager is quick, completely free and we will support you every step of the way.​

Implementation consists of the following steps, and you can get going straight away:

  1. ​Sign up for a free Client Engager and Xama account.
  2. Navigate to Settings within your Client Engager account and scroll down until you see the Xama integration listed within the left hand menu.
  3. Choose to authorise Xama with Client Engager. You will be presented with a link to your Xama account where you will find all the credentials that you need.
  4. Simply copy your Xama credentials into your Client Engager account and authorise.
  5. You can now start to create new clients directly from Client Engager or link your existing Xama clients to Client Engager records.
  6. When you are on a client record in Client Engager you will notice the Xama tab where you can keep track of all operations in Xama.

You can view the video, produced by Client Engager, on how to link your Client Engager account to Xama here.