AML checks on non-UK residents

AML checks on non-UK residents

When running an AML check, 3 separate checks are completed:

  • Identity verification
  • Screening for potential PEP matches
  • Screening for potential Sanctions matches

Identity verification checks make use of data sources such as the electoral roll, UK identity register and the UK credit header. These sources are UK based and therefore if the address used is not based in the UK the AML result returned will be a REFER result.

The PEP and Sanctions checks are done against international sources and do not take into account the address of the contact being checked. Therefore, the PEP and Sanctions checks are still relevant to international residents.

Here are some ways in which you can handle the identity verification of international residents:

  • Collect and upload a valid proof of address document to provide additional support of a person’s address details.
  • Provide both a passport number and driving licence number. By providing two valid identity documents, there is a chance that the identity verification will be successful.

If the contact’s details are complete and accurate and you still receive a REFER or ALERT result when running an AML check, we do not advise on running the check multiple times. It is unlikely the result will change and you will be charged for each check completed. We suggest that you revert to an alternative way of further verifying the identity, such as obtaining additional documentation.

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