Get verified with Xama

Get verified with Xama

Get verified with Xama

Confirming the identities of the clients you are working with can be challenging at times – especially as many of our interactions are now digital.

That is why we have been delighted with the response to our new onboarding request journeys, which include biometric face match technology

Our new journey now allows your customers to include a selfie for facial verification, while our premium subscribers will also be able to include a third document (either an additional ID or a proof of address document) within the request to help confirm your customer’s identity.

Our new onboarding technology includes pre-checks of images to evaluate their quality – and where these fail to meet muster, customers are asked to confirm the quality of the document.

These enhancements are making the onboarding process more secure for our regular and premium users.

Want to give them a try? It couldn’t be easier – just sign up for free.

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